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You only get one chance to cater a perfect party.


I have been a DJ artist for over 15 wonderful years, disc jockeying all around the world in private parties, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, club venues, corporate events, and house parties. I enjoy my work with a passion.


The main goal is Everyone to have fun I will help you create a pre list music playlist to make your party a successful event.


I like to meet new friendly people and help them create a perfect evening of quality sound and colors with DJ lighting effects (no need to go to a club for the lighting, we bring the club lighting atmosphere to you) to make their night unique and special. A personalized playlist is created to make your party standout from others. I will iron out details of the event to ensure a streamlined fun evening, without the worries.


I enjoy mixing mainstream top40, 60 70 80s, hip hop, house, dance, trance, club, salsa, bhangra, and Hindi, and I am also well-versed in Indian classical, ghazals, raags, qawali, east fusion, middle eastern, Latin, electronica, fusion, reggae, reggaeton, and world music.


I am not shy to announce on the mic to get the party started or host the evening. I wear professional attire, and carry a professional demeanor always.


Top of the line equipments are used to ensure quality of sound and reliability. Examples are JBLs. We are not garage DJs, there is no substitute for experience.


Other resources I provide are ethnic dancers, dhol players, live musicians, videos and photographers, live stage sound set-ups, overhead projectors and more. I cater to all your multimedia needs.


This site has my music samples I have done in the past, in all genres.. and on Facebook


Pricing is always the bottom line. I work with my clients from various pricing and setups, to get a pricing that best fits your budget. My main goal is creating long-term relationships and be your only DJ for all your future music needs.


Call me. I hope to talk to you soon! Text/Call 650 483 4841